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We've combined the excitement of escape rooms with the picturesque beauty of one of Budapest's most beautiful parks. The most stunning sights in Városliget now hide clues necessary to find a necklace that has mysteriously disappeared. Uncover the secrets of the detective's briefcase by exploring different locations in the City Park.


Discover the park from a completely different perspective, immerse yourself in an adventure set in the 1980s, and ultimately find the priceless necklace.


Who would you bring along? Your partner, friends, or family?


The detective's briefcase

  • Outdoor Escape Game

  • An exciting activity in the fresh air

  • With family, friends, or as a couple

  • Find the lost necklace!




"It's clever that the tasks are enclosed in a briefcase, it kept us engaged all along. And the City Park is a pleasant location for the game."



"The puzzles were really creative and unique. It was a great experience with my friends :)" 



"We played in two, the difficulty of the tasks was just right, and we managed to solve all of them within the time limit. Totally recommended!"

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